What is SimEffects?

SimEffects is a modular, expandable and user modable system to bring multiple tactile experiences to your sim racing system. Use our existing modules to expand the SimEffects: Hub’s functionality, roll your own or add functionality we haven’t even considered yet. The SimEffects difference allows this and more!

SimEffects: Hub

The heart of the SimEffects system is the SimEffects: Hub. Built around an industry standard Arduino the SimEffects: Hub allows for modular expansion not only beyond our existing modules but with the 6 included ports you have near full access to the power of the Arduino inside. User modable and fully supported (within reason) if you have an idea or think you can do better then have at it, who are we to tell you how to enjoy your sim racing experience?

SimEffects: Brake

While SimEffects is all about immersion, SimEffects: Brake goes beyond immersion to bring your performace! Lower your lap times as you feel your brakes in a way you never have before. Simulate ABS rumble*, set definable and complex thresholds – wanna feel the buzz in your foot at 50% pressure, no problem. Want to start with a light buzz at 80%, ramping to full strength at 95% – you got it. The options are nearly endless and once you’ve started using SimEffects: Brake you’ll likely not be able to
drive without it

SimEffects: Wind

The feature that started it all – so simple, yet so immersive – in short: the faster you drive the harder the wind blows. Suitable for all car types (as they all have windows!) the experience of feeling the wind as you drive can significantly heighten the realism, especially for VR and open cockpit racers.

SimEffects: Wind – The Difference
What sets SimEffets: Wind apart from other wind simulation systems? It’s simplicity – rather than using DC fans which are loud, difficult to mount and must be ducted SimEffects: Wind uses standard, off the shelf AC desk and floor fans** – connect the SimEffects: Hub to SimEffects: Wind, plug in power, plug in and mount your fan and you’re done. No complex ducting, no loud DC fans and all at *much* lower cost than other solutions on the market.

SimEffects: Notify

SimEffects: Notify adds a 64 RGB LED matrix display to give you visual notification of critical events, such as flags, opponent car location, gear, shift point and more. SimEffects: Notify uses industry standard GoPro style mounts to ease in installation.

SimEffects: Rumble

SimEffects: Rumble adds feeling that can only be rivaled by motion system, and even then it compliments those systems. Utilizing rumble motors rather than transducers dramatically lowers the cost while maintaining very powerful vibrations. SimEffects: Rumble modules can be daisy chained to support up to 2 (possibly 4) adding significantly powerful rumble effects – feel every bump, every curb, every crash from the morons D-class MX5 drivers in iRacing….

SimEffects Production / Testing

SimEffects is currently in prototype production and as such is looking for early users to help us test the system, all at a significantly discounted price. All SimEffects products are currently produced in house and are 3D printed using current generation printing techniques. If you’d like to assist us with formal feedback during prototype testing please contact us directly.

Who is SimEffects?

SimEffects is the brainchild of Ross Carlson, aka Exigeous. As a very long time sim racing enthusiast, joining iRacing back in 2008, Ross has always been a huge fan of gaming as an experience. Having owned motion systems, VR, large format displays, etc. Ross wanted to add wind simulation but didn’t want to incur the expense of the systems currently on the market, not to mention their complexity of installation and noise level. Ross was told over and over that building an AC solution would be dangerous and didn’t work, turns out neither were true. After starting with wind simulation Ross realized the potential of the Arduino platform when combined with SimHub, the industry leading simulation middlewear. SimEffects was transformed into an expandable, modular and user modable system with the primary focuses being on user experience, low cost and ease of installation and use.

3D Modeling and Design by David Lin

* On support SimHub titles
** Not all fan types supported, see our supported list