RaceEffects: Hub


The RaceEffects: Hub is the beating heart of the RaceEffects system. Expandable and modable the RaceEffects: Hub supports the following modules



The RaceEffects: Hub is the heart of the RaceEffects system. A modular, expandable and modable platform based around an industry standard Arduino allows you to use our existing expansion modules or develop your own. A fully open, documented and supported system we can bring the fun or you can roll your own.

NOTE: Digital render of the printed CAD model shown (available upon request). Updated photographs will be taken very soon.

Current Expansion Modules

Planned Expansion Modules

  • RaceEffects: Shift – RGB LED Shift Light/Rev Display
  • RaceEffects: Display – 3.5″ fully configurable LCD Display

Fully Expandable by YOU!

That’s right, YOU can expand the RaceEffects: Hub to add your own version of our features or to add and create your own. Fully detailed technical specifications will be available and any and all modding will be supported (to within reason of course). Add additional features as you unlock the full potential of the underlying industry standard Arduino architecture. All RaceEffects: Hubs offer 6 expansion ports, 2x 2-wire, 2x 3-wire and 2x 4-wire and includes a built in 12v 1amp power supply.

Full details available just after launch, visit the RaceEffects: Forums for support and additional details.

All RaceEffects products are currently in pre-production prototype testing and are created using all 3D printed parts.


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