RaceEffects: Timer


RaceEffects: Timer provides real-time lapping data such as:

  • 4 line 20 character, backlight, adjustable contrast display
  • Opponent Name, iRating, Laptimes, etc.
  • Personal Metrics: Best, Last, Previous, Optimal laptimes
  • Real-time metrics based on the vehicle/sim


A module for the RaceEffects: Hub*, RaceEffects: Timer adds a 4 line 20 character backlight LCD display. When used with SimHub you can create numerous “screens” of data about your driving and your opponents.

  • Opponent Ahead/Behind information
    • Name
    • iRating
    • Safety Rating
    • Best lap
    • Last lap
  • Personal Metrics
    • Best lap
    • Last lap
    • Optimal lap
  • Current car status/metrics
    • Numerous real-time metrics based on the vehicle/sim

Extend your RaceEffects system with RaceEffects: Timer and know more at a glance about your racing. Is your opponent ahead slower and with a lower skill iRating? Is the guy behind faster so you know to start protecting your line? Create virtual “screens” that can be cycled through via a button box, wheel, Steam Deck, etc. to select from a wide range of data points.

*RaceEffects: Hub required for operation


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