RaceEffects: Brake


RaceEffects: Brake lets you feel your brakes in a way you’ve never experienced before.

  • Includes 2x brake rumble modules (for brake & throttle)
  • Feel ABS pulsing*
  • Feel traction loss*
  • Set thresholds for warnings (90% force = vibration)
  • Dynamically ramp vibration based on force
  • Custom profiles per game/car


A module for the RaceEffects: Hub**, RaceEffects: Brake doesn’t just add immersion – it unlocks performance! Do you know, every time you brake, how much force you’ve applied? Are you sure? With RaceEffects: Brake you can get real-time feedback from your brake & throttle pedal that you can feel.

  • Feel the pedal pulse when you’ve activated ABS*
  • Set custom thresholds for specific cars/games
    80% brake force = 50% vibration strength, ramp to 100% vibration at 90%
    50% brake force = 80% vibration strength, ramp to 100% vibration at 95%
    90% brake force = pulse pedal every 100ms at 100% force
  • Feel different effects in the brake vs. throttle pedal
    • Feel braking in the brake pedal*
    • Feel traction loss in the throttle pedal*
    • Feel the same effect in either!
  • Gain performance by improving your braking feel
  • Extremely useful for load-cell brake pedals

NOTE: Each rumble pack includes a slightly different motor, one with a lighter and the other with a heavier mass. You can choose which feel you like better for which pedal.
NOTE: If you’d like to run the same effect to both pedals at all times or use the 2nd output on the RaceEffects: Hub for another feature, such as Rumble you’ll need to add a Y cable or provide your own.


*Supported SimHub titles only
**RaceEffects: Hub required for operation


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