RaceEffects: Rumble


Adds rumble effects to your racing so you can feel every bang, alligator strip or buddy bump. RaceEffects: Rumble includes the following

  • Single Rumble motor housing
    (compatible with all RaceEffects Hubs – 2 highly recommended)
  • Optional cable length
  • Industry standard connectors for easy expansion
  • Custom mounting solutions available at zero additional cost!


As an module for the RaceEffects: Hub*, RaceEffects: Rumble adds tactile, haptic feedback for the ultimate racing experience. Where RaceEffects: Brake provides this feedback for your brake pedal RaceEffects: Rumble adds this feedback to your entire body. Feel the road, the curbing. Feel every bump, rock and buddy bump from the Rookie class MX5 driver… uh…

NOTE: RaceEffects: Rumble is still in active development. Please contact us about your specific application for custom tailed installations.

RaceEffects: Rumble adds virtually all the same features as a traditional audio transducer (ala ButtKicker) at a fraction of the cost further extending the extensive value of the RaceEffects system.

RaceEffects: Rumble vs. Tactile Transducers

  • Very similar feel to transducers – generally stronger impacts
  • Dramatically lower cost vs. transducers, amplifiers, etc.


  • Forces react a bit more slowly, virtually undetectable but there is a tiny delay
  • SimHub currently doesn’t support “engine” as a source for rumble motors (working with them now)
  • Only works with SimHub supported titles (audio transducers should work with games/video of any type)


*RaceEffects: Hub required for operation


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