RaceEffects: Wind


RaceEffects: Wind modules adds immersion like you’ve never experienced before

  • Feel the wind in your hair as you drive
  • Use simple AC desk, floor, etc. fans
  • Extremely cost effective


A module for the RaceEffects: Hub*, RaceEffects: Wind lets you literally feel the wind in your hair as you drive your favorite car. Put simply the faster you drive the stronger your fans blow and those fans can be any AC desk, floor, etc. fan you’d like. That’s right, standard AC fans are supported, no need to use loud, difficult to mount and duct DC fans!

NOTE: Updated RaceEffects: Wind models include a single LED status light beside the 3.5mm jack. This light verifies communication with the RaceEffects: Hub

  • Feel the speed, literally, as the fan speed increases with vehicle speed
  • Great for variable cooling during long races
  • Adds immersion that will amaze and entertain
  • You add the fan,¬†RaceEffects: Wind adds the fun!
    (verified fans available)
  • Supports multiple fans
  • Control fan speed and on/off state via button boxes, etc.
  • Internal power supply (no “wall worts”)

The RaceEffects: Wind Difference vs. DC fan solutions

  • Far quieter than DC fans
  • Generally easier to mount (floor, wall, etc)
  • No need for ducting
  • FAR less expensive than DC solutions


  • Not as powerful/directed as ducted fans
  • Could be blocked by sim gear

*This is NOT a standalone product – RaceEffects: Hub required for control of the module


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