RaceEffects: Notify


A bright, 64 LED RGB matrix display that can provide the following information

  • Flags: Green, Yellow, Blue, Black & White
  • Gear Position
  • Opponent Car Position
  • And More!




A module for the RaceEffects: Hub*, RaceEffects: Notify adds a 8×8 64 RGB LED matrix display that can be mounted using industry standard GoPro style mounts. RaceEffects: Notify connects to the RaceEffects: Hub using a standard 3.5mm “headphone” style cable which can easily be replaced or extended as needed.¬†RaceEffects: Notify adds bright, easy to see and understand notifications for events such as

  • Current on-track flag status
    See flags for Yellow, Blue (overtaking), Green, Black and White
  • Current gear position including rev-limiter notification
  • Opponent car position (when alongside)


Extend your RaceEffects system with RaceEffects: Notify and never miss a flag again!

*RaceEffects: Hub required for operation


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